Agia Marina Bijou


Imagine an English Gentleman’s Club or a French fin-de-siecle salon relocated in an ancient Greek house and you have the essence of Agia Marina Bijou.  The thickness of its walls implies that fortification was in the architect’s mind and explains why Bijou is thought to be one of the oldest houses in Agia Marina.

The Bijou was neglected, fell into ruin and for a while lay open to the sky, but in 2020 a painstaking restoration was started that has returned Bijou to its former glory.  In keeping with traditional style, the décor reflects the work of a local artist who has revived the (almost lost) art of stencilling.  Marble floors in some rooms, wooden floors in others show the Bijou’s opulence, granite worktops and state-of-the-art air-conditioning (for summer) and heating (for winter) show the Bijou is truly a house for all seasons.

Bijou is built around its own courtyard off which lies the guest suite with a King size Victorian brass bed with period furniture and a very Bijou bathroom with shower.

Up the stairs from the courtyard is access to the kitchen with its Falcon Range cooker, ample storage space, LG fridge, dining-table for six, marble sink  –  and the all-important dishwasher  (Bijou also benefits from  a Miele washing machine & dryer).

From the kitchen descend a couple of stairs into a spectacular high-ceilinged drawing-room graced with leather sofas and chairs, venerable rugs and well-thumbed books.  At the far end of the drawing-room double doors lead out onto a large, sunny veranda with a partial view of the sea some 20 metres away.

A discreet internal staircase leads from the drawing-room to the master bedroom  –  again the accent is sybaritic (a Greek concept) with a kingsize Victorian brass bed, claw-footed slipper bath and antique furniture and lights.

Bijou is a sensory feast, the elegant Greek home-from-home that James Bond would kill for.


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